Candlelight Project | Before and After

At Studio G, one of the most rewarding aspects of design is the reveal of a completed remodel-- accessories on the shelves, pillows fluffed, and all of the final details in place!

For The Candlelight Project, we ended up gutting most of the upstairs and designing from scratch (OUR FAVORITE!!).

Our clients wanted a space where they could cozy-up or have a cocktail and watch some TV-- not too stuffy, but not too casual. So, we went a little more masculine with lots of texture to achieve this look.

Here's what we did!

Designed a new cabinet

New hardwood flooring

Added trim to the ceiling to create a focal point

New furniture with leather and wood tones

Framed textured wallcovering to add interest

New printed carpet

Custom leather sectional

New bar area with quartz

Brick wall

Framed out windows

New accessories and placement







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